Cloud Storage: A complete backup and recovery of data

Cloud Storage: A complete backup and recovery of data

Most of us work on computers day by night and continue to save our work by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + S keys. Because we do not want our work or other data to get lost due to sudden power outage, hard drive failure or viral infection, we continue to save it.

Over time, our computers become more like a storage house that has saved documents, screenshots, family photos, videos, bank details, emails, contacts, presentations and downloads, among other things.

The point is that if we care so much about our data then why most of us lack backup. Why most of us remain in the dilemma of regularly backing up our data when our digital life and real life is always at risk of being destroyed due to cyber threats, hardware issues, disasters such as flooding, theft etc.

Because computers are susceptible to these critical situations and problems that may occur and recur during their normal operation, data security is absolutely necessary. It will not only keep data safe and intact but also help restore it in need of time.

Today, more data backup and storage options, including cloud storage, are available to customers over a few years when there were only low-capacity floppy disks, tapes and CDs available in the storage device names. Then storage devices have come a long way. There are now high capacity hard drives, CDs, thumb drives and pen drives etc. available for data storage.

Some of the users have long relied on these external storage devices to back up and restore data. But with the arrival of cloud storage, external storage devices have taken the backseat. Cloud Storage has completely changed how users back up and restore their data. The solution has given users extra reasons to securely backup data and restore as many times as they want. Lets review the differences between cloud storage and external devices for local storage.

Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

Compared to external storage devices, cloud storage, including online storage, provides complete backup and recovery of data to customers. Like computers, external storage devices are also susceptible to catastrophic damage, hardware and viral infections.

Users must take the utmost care to protect them from catastrophic damage, accidents, humid and unauthorized users. You can not even share your hard drive data with anyone else because there are chances that the person you share may have viruses on your computer. If it is connected to an infected computer, your hard drive will also be infected and all date of it will be erased.

Backing up data on the hard drive is a major problem today because of the above-mentioned problems. In addition, it is difficult, time consuming and still vulnerable to data loss. Facts gathered from different sources confirm that at least one in four hard drives crashes and causes irreversible data loss.

Facts also confirm that users spend around $ 70,000 on recovering data from hard disks. Its 1000 times greater than what is spent on storing your files on a cloud server. Cloud storage subtracts all of these opportunities from users lives. Cloud storage backs up data on a cloud server connected to an online network or data center.

Unlike external storage devices, you can back up and restore unlimited times and with complete freedom of cloud storage. To back up on an external storage device, you must connect it to your computer. You will also need to save a lot of time on a regular basis to update your database on the hard drive.

But with cloud storage, you simply have to install an application on your computer and start backing up as much data as you want on the cloud server. Just as you schedule your Outlook emails to be sent later, just as you can schedule automatic backup. The cloud storage software installed on your computer will automatically back up and sync data stored on it without manual interference.

Thus, you do not need regular free time for data backup. Its only done once forever. Cloud storage does not require maintenance as external storage devices. With SSL and FTP encryption technology, you do not need to worry about data security. It is always safe and protected from computer types, catastrophic damage and hardware issues.

Even if your computer has crashed, you can safely restore all your data stored on the cloud server to your new computer or mobile phone. Yes, only cloud storage allows you to upload and restore data from your mobile device.

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